About Campus

Paring graduates that are trans-formative educational ‎practitioners, effective  educational leaders, educational researchers, able  to  assume  future   ‎leadership   ‎and   ‎professional   roles within   the   national   educational   sector and ‎worldwide, ‎thereby ‎making significant contributions to the future of the Nepali Educational System. ‎

The Central Campus of Education also aspires to conduct high quality and relevant ‎scientific research and provide a challenging ‎academic ‎environment for researchers and scholars. ‎In the framework of a ‎knowledge society, the Faculty focuses its research activity on analysis of ‎the ‎changes in the social ‎sphere, in organizations and industries, education, health and ‎quality ‎of life‎.

In addition to teaching and research, the Central Campus of Education is also engaged at regional and national level with community organizations, educational institutions and The Central Campus of Education is established within the ‎Faculty of Education.‎ The Central Campus of Education is guided by the aspiration to provide educational programs designed to respond to the professional and ‎social needs of various target groups of learners, at all times. ‎

This ambition finds application in the wide-ranging academic study programs offered by the Central Campus of Education, which include Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Education, ‎Planning ‎and Management, Health and Physical ‎Education, Curriculum and ‎Evaluation, Mathematics, English  and  Nepali.‎ Graduates  of  the  Faculty  can  be  employed  in  various  educational institutions, government, agencies and ‎industries, ‎in numerous areas ranging from educational services to ‎administration, health-care and welfare services.

The Central Campus of Education aims at stakeholders, foundations for providing community service and outreach. To this purpose, it holds continuous consultation with key stakeholders and general public for soliciting ‎feedback that may provide indications on how the education sector ‎should develop over the coming years to address key concerns and relevant aspects ‎of the ‎society.‎To this regard, the Central Campus of Education plans to organize and administers continuous education programs for governmental, ‎public and private organizations. ‎

The Central Campus of Education is also working to establish collaborative links with national and international renowned universities, higher education ‎institutions and organizations for promoting academic exchange of best practices, promoting mobility and enhancing the overall concept of education.


The Central Campus of Education strives to become a leading institution in ‎teaching, learning and research by offering high quality educational programs characterized by a holistic approach.

The   Central Campus of Education is   committed   to   provide   quality   education,   outstanding   research   and meaningful ‎service to the community by advancing educational practices and methods in a diverse Nepali ‎community.                                                ‎

The Central Campus of Education is dedicated to preparing competent teachers, educational leaders, trainers and educators ‎who are able to address needs and challenges of ‎our contemporary societies and improve the ‎educational ‎outcomes and ‎quality of life for all learners.‎

The Central Campus of Education  is  engaged  in  sustained development ‎and ‎improvement of the ‎country ‎by providing high quality education and academic programs, research and innovation.

The   Central Campus of Education    ‎aspires    to    prepare    highly    qualified    and    competent    professionals, capable  ‎of  ‎assuming  ‎leadership  roles  in  ‎the  field  of  ‎Education,‎ provide  high  quality and ‎relevant education and exercise ‎educational leadership ‎in ‎their communities, schools and ‎country, committed ‎to serve and enhance the ‎overall education ‎sector of Nepal.‎

The Central Campus of Education seeks to achieve this ‎mission by creating a participatory learning ‎environment, establishing    ‎democratic    ‎relationship    ‎between    ‎students    and    instructors,    ‎hiring highly    ‎experienced    and    ‎qualified    faculty    teachers    and    ‎pursuing    effective    use of ‎technological ‎infrastructure and innovative pedagogical approaches and methods.



The overall objectives of the Central Campus of Education are to provide theoretical and practical ‎knowledge in education,  conduct  research  in  relevant  fields  of  Education  and  prepare  educational experts for working in public and private ‎institutions.

The specific objectives that the Central Campus of Education pursues can be summarized as follows:

-   Offer    practical    educational    programs    that    provide    knowledge    and    skills    to address ‎contemporary ‎educational problems of Nepal; ‎

-   Prepare   well-trained   and   competent   teachers,   professional   education   specialists, planners  and  administrators,  equipped  with  a  variety  of  instructional  skills, strategies            ‎and            ‎methodologies            required            for            working            in a ‎diverse ‎and ‎technological ‎environment, creating stimulating learning environments and delivering effective teaching;

-  Develop school managers, educational leaders and qualified education professionals, capable of functioning in  ‎the  ‎current field of education, ‎able to  manage  effectively ‎ schools   and   programs   and   address   current   ‎social   ‎and   ‎educational   ‎issues   in   a professional and problem-solving manner;

-   Institutionalize teacher development activities in the country by organizing in-service training for teachers and ‎administrators ‎in education in relevant fields;

- ‎Meet the educational needs of a diverse Nepalese community of learners and develop well-rounded graduates by enhancing a full range of students’ competencies, interests, and needs, within the framework of a flexible, ‎humanistic, ‎democratic and participatory academic environment;

-   Support a strong connection among theory, research and practice which is reflected in active learning;

-   Find  solutions  to  the  problem  of  education  based  on  the  use  of  scientific  research methods ‎and produce and disseminate high quality teaching and learning materials.