About FOED

Although levels of access and participation ‎in education are increasing, many young people still lack basic skills, functional literacy and numeracy, and ‎disciplinary knowledge that are deemed necessary to function effectively in a modern society. ‎To address educational and societal issues, the Faculty of Education (FoEd.) aims to join the national efforts to improve the overall educational enterprise, ‎enhance access to education and increase the effectiveness of national delivering mechanisms and ‎practices of the higher education system.

Education encompasses every ‎aspect and dimension  of   the  human   life   and behavior,  ‎and  represents  a crucial  aspect for the future of any society. This is particularly true in Nepal, where Education is a national priority for the country! In the last decade, Nepal has witnessed growing  awareness  about  the  importance of ‎education for achieving national stability, prosperity and raising the overall standards of ‎living.

The Faculty is a newly established and vibrant academic ‎community of Mid-Western University and is located in the University premises in ‎Birendranagar Municipality, in Surkhet District.‎

The Faculty is committed to offer quality ‎education that is skill based and job ‎oriented, as well as ensure ‎access to quality ‎academic programs to ‎prospective ‎students from all parts of Nepal and elsewhere.

The  Faculty  offers  study  programs  leading  to  undergraduate  and  graduate  degrees in  ‎various  disciplines,  ranging  from  education  to  health  issues,  educational  planning and ‎management, English and Nepali. All programs are designed in a way that embraces theoretical, ‎pedagogical ‎and methodological dimensions of a particular field of study.

‎This broad range of domains ‎provides also a unique opportunity for disciplinary and thematic combinations of teaching, ‎research and innovation in education. ‎The Faculty addresses both theoretical and applied issues of contemporary ‎Nepali ‎Education, and maintains a constant focus on linking ‎the academic theory ‎with classroom experience, and teaching with research.

The Faculty pays particular attention to the academic quality of teaching and the usage of  ‎innovative  approaches,  modern  research  methods  and  ICTs  tools  for  pedagogical practice. By pursuing high standards of teaching, it aims at shaping how people ‎teach, ‎learn, and ‎lead in schools and educational institutions country-wide.

The  Faculty  is  also  engaged  in  scientific  research  that  deals  with  many  educational problems spanning a wide range of disciplines. Engaging research in fact ‎goes beyond the borders    of    the    various    disciplines and contributes    to    create    a    stimulating intellectual   ‎environment   for   students   and   an   inspiring research   environment   for talented ‎researchers.

The Faculty considers and regards at ‘students’ as the center of the University life and ultimate addressees of all academic activities. Thus, faculty teachers and members pay great attention in tailoring educational and learning interventions to meet the needs of individual students and equipping them with the ‎personal and professional skills required for a ‎successful educational career and help them to ‎become who they want to be! ‎